5 Marketing Trends to Consider in 2018

5 Marketing Trends to Consider in 2018

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Effectively marketing your business is an ever-changing beast. Just when you get something dialed in it starts to lose its effectiveness. We are well into 2018 and there are some marketing trends that are just taking off and others that are more defined in their path. To rise above the noise, you need to stand out from your competition.

In this video, I discuss 5 Marketing Trends all Small Businesses should consider looking into in 2018.

5 Marketing Trends to Consider in 2018

  1. Online/Offline Marketing: There is still a place in this world for offline marketing. We are not fully connected to our screens yet so it is important to marry the two worlds to assure you are connecting with your target audience at all times.
  2. Micro-influencer Marketing: It’s super expensive to pay that popular Instagrammer to talk about your brand but there are smaller influencers out there with niche audiences that are a better fit, go look for them.
  3. Live Chat and Messaging: Our customers’ attention span is getting shorter so use some form of live communication to connect with them immediately.
  4. Automation: What forms of communication and marketing can you automate to assure your potential customers receive something from you often enough to remember you?
  5. Voice: Take advantage of the voice assisted devices that people are using these days. Make sure your company is represented well when an assistant device is asked for information. Make sure you are keeping the user’s intent in mind at all times.

What marketing trends are you following? Let’s discuss it in the comments section below.

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