5 Reasons to start a company blog in 2018

5 Reasons To Start A Company Blog in 2018

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I often get asked how to get more traffic to a website without paying for ads. Everybody wants the least amount of effort with the most immediate gain. Though I want that as well, I keep returning to blogging as a method for increasing traffic to a website. I published a new video on our YouTube channel on the topic of getting more traffic to a website by starting a company blog and why this is still important in 2018. You can watch the video below as well.

Blogging is important because we want our website to be found in the search engines when people ask questions. It’s not often that people go right to the search engines knowing which product or service they need. They have a problem and they search the web for a solution. Those solutions are likely to be found in some sort of article or blog post.

Check out my video on 5 Reasons To Start A Company Blog in 2018. If you have any questions or need help, post a comment below, or contact us directly.

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