The Mechanics Car

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On average, I have always had a nice web presence for whatever endeavor I currently working on. The problem is that I get busy. I get busy working on my clients projects because one of my passions are to create tools to help them succeed. Because of that, I often don’t have adequate time left over to maintain my own websites. A prime example of that is my Wedding Photography website. I am happy with the website and the content for the most part is up to date but I fall behind on updating the website with my most current work.

A few years ago I had a client refer to my problem as being like the Mechanic’s Car, which breaks down because he is to busy working on his customers car. I am trying to break that trend, which is why I am focusing a lot of my left over time on the Hill Media Group website.

My goal with Hill Media Group’s website is to showcase our work and our culture. At the time of writing this we are a team of three and try to cultivate a fun environment. We want to enjoy what we do and where we work. It is just as important to us for our clients and the rest of the world to see that as well.

Looking forward to spending more time on our own website. This will be fun!

Jerad Hill

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