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At Hill Media Group, we believe that everything begins with a great web presence. Though there are many places on the web where you can build and cultivate an online presence, we believe that every online aspiration should lead back to your website. With that, there are many other elements that can add value to your online marketing efforts. Below are a short list and explanation of the services we provide. We are a boutique design firm with a firm grasp on digital and online marketing.

  • Website Design
    Internet technology has changed a lot over the years since our lead designer Jerad Hill started coding websites in 1998. As people’s need for knowledge and understanding grows, we feel that a great website is one that helps solve a problem. The internet is a problem-solving tool and you are most likely in the business of solving a specific problem. Our goal is to use design and technology to connect your product or service with people who are actively looking for solutions.
  • Paid Search & Social
    We are a Google Partner Agency and have been using Facebook Ads to deliver targeted traffic to our client’s websites as long as these tools have been around. There is no better way to direct potential customers with actual purchase intent to your website than through paid search such as Google Adwords and paid social like Facebook Ads.
  • Video Production
    Did you know that Youtube is the #2 Search Engine? That tells us that besides searching Google, people are searching for things on Youtube. This video titled “How to tie a tie” has over 17 million views. Over 4 Billion hours of video is consumed each month on Youtube.
  • Photography
    The world is consumed with photography. We take and share photos all day long. Great Photography is a required asset for any website. Photography can invoke emotion or action and just as easily prevent it.
  • Social Media Marketing
    We are very careful when using the word Marketing with Social Media. We help our clients make the best use of Social Media to achieve goals and grow influence.