The internet is filled with distractions. Even when we find valuable information on a page, we often forget how to get back to that source of information. When somebody comes across information on your website, the best practice is to capture their email address so you can send them updates or more information. This helps keep the line of communication open.

When somebody signs up to receive email communication from you, the ability to create and curate information that might be important to them is now available to you. Emails lists can also be used in online ad campaigns to reach people who previously viewed content on your website. Our email address is a unique identifier that is used across all platforms on the web. Having a list of email addresses of people who are interested in your products and services can help you grow your business and reach new levels of conversion with potential customers.

Sending out emails from time to time to your email marketing list helps maintain top-of-mind awareness. People may not think to come back to your website to see your latest content so sending them an occasional email to keep them up to date is a great way to keep them informed.