Local Search has become the most important tool for businesses with physical locations. Potential customers and clients are using their smartphones to find information and the search engines are delivering what they feel as most relevant to the user. This means that when someone searches for a business in the industry you serve, they will get a list of businesses in the area that serve that industry.

Showing up in Local Search with Google is different than traditional SEO methods used over the past years. It requires consistency and a lot of work to make sure Google is getting the right information and that it does not end up confused. You can watch this video our lead developer Jerad Hill put together on Local SEO.

Hill Media Group has a track record for getting companies to display in Google Maps and Google Local Listings that were not displaying before. We have developed methods for cleaning data that is available on the web to assure it is current.

Auto Repair Manteca Google Search Result

In the search result above, which one stands out? It’s the listing with the star ratings, website icon and complete business information. This is information that Google collects on its own.

If you would like more information on improving the Local Search ranking of your business or organization, contact us.